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May 2014


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Macedonia2025 (“MK2025”) members had the exclusive opportunity to attend the one day seminar on Organizational Transformation organized by MK2025 partner in educational activities, the M6 Educational Centre. The Adizes Institute and Mr. Horvat have once again proven why the Adizes methodology for organizational transformation is such a huge success worldwide.

The one day seminar covered the different life cycles that an organization can go through, the synergetic diagnosis process and plan of action in order to find a solution to the problems. Mr. Horvat, an extraordinary lecturer with over 20 years of experience, managed to successfully present different case studies showing how companies overcame difficulties or how the changes in the organizational structure, accountability and responsibility systems can lead to a healthier company and more productive employees.

The Mk2025 members as well as the M6 participants found this seminar very informative and beneficial.

The topic that was covered at this seminar is a really important for many companies that cannot grow or develop because they do not implement or respect the basic organizational principles or are unable to accept changes. The experience and the methods that Mr. Horvat shared with us in order to achieve effectiveness and efficiency are the key points in the process of transformation of the organizations.As a founder of DnD Partners, a company that works on the improvement of the work of the companies this seminar will play an important role in our future concepts and our approach towards small and medium companies in Macedonia.” – said Darko Jovanovski, DnD Partners.