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Macedonia 2025 Announces New Chief Executive Officer and Chair

By Wednesday February 13th, 2019Announcements

Celebrates 10 years of doing work for the country

Skopje (February 13, 2019) – Macedonia 2025 announces today exciting changes to its senior leadership team as it moves into its second decade as a non-governmental organization (NGO) focused on helping build Macedonia into a stronger nation. The first decade has ended with a great success. Since 2008, we have invested $1 million in leadership programs and through our programs we have affected more than 500 entrepreneurs and managers. We have also implemented a number of economic development programs with a total value of $3 million, such as export development programs, trade missions, business conferences, etc. Our flagship event – the Macedonia2025 Summit has gathered 2500+ attendees and more than 400 speakers over the years, thus becoming the largest platform for networking and inspiring cooperation for future growth of businesses in Macedonia and the region. We enter the second decade with high ambition and expectations, which is reflected in the today’s staff announcement.

The organization is announcing the hiring of its first Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Professor Nikica Mojsoska Blazevski’s effective start date is February 12, 2019 as the first CEO of the organization. Nikica has a combined experience in academia and public administration, as researcher, consultant and manager, so she brings significant experience to scale the programs that the current staff is working on for the organization. “I am very excited and privileged to take on this important function and continue to build upon what has been put in place to date. I firmly believe in the mission of the organization and I am committed to drive significant impact through our programs and initiatives and make Macedonia a prosperous and thriving country for its citizens. I am also very pleased with how engaged and motivated the board of the organization is and supportive of my plan to drive significant growth for the organization in the next decade. I also look forward to engaging all other Macedonia2025 stakeholders and partners to help us in successful execution of the plan,” stated Mrs. Mojsoska Blazevski.

Furthermore, after eight years of relentlessly and diligently working towards the mission of building a stronger nation, the current Executive Director, Biljana Markovic Stamenova, is leaving behind a number of well-executed programs/events and a solid ground for future developments of the organization.

Additionally, after four years as Chairman and two years as Vice Chairman, Robert Arsov, who will remain a director on the board, will be succeeded by Vera Stavroff. Mrs. Stavroff is President and CEO of HerbalScience, Inc., based in Columbus, Ohio USA and has been a Board Member since 2012. “I would like to thank Robert for his leadership as Chairman over the past four years. I’m also excited to become the fourth Chair of the board of directors, having served as Vice Chair over the past two years, and look forward to working with Nikica towards building even bigger organization and driving significant impact in Macedonia. There is so much more we want and need to do, to help the country, that we are so pleased we found someone of Nikica’s experience to lead our organization for the long term”, said Mrs. Stavroff. “I also want to thank Biljana who has been a star for the organization and together with the team had done a great job in positioning the organization as one of the most recognizable brands in Macedonia and the region.”

About Macedonia2025

Macedonia2025 is an international, independent, nonpartisan, non-profit “think & do” tank. We remain dedicated to our mission of helping create a prosperous economic climate in the country and a “stronger nation” that will improve opportunities for citizens, companies and foreign investors. We promote sustainable economic growth through fostering competitiveness, entrepreneurship, innovation and value-based leadership.


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