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September 2016

Macedonia2025 to announce Zafirovski Executive Development Program in partnership with the Kellogg School of Management at the MK2025 Summit

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t the Macedonia2025 Summit we will officially launch the Zafirovski Executive Education Program. We have signed an exclusive agreement with the Kellogg School of Management (KSM) to provide scholarships to their globally renowned Advanced Management Program. Scholarships applications will open in 2017 with strong competition for places expected from top Macedonian executives and entrepreneurs.

The Kellogg School of Management and Macedonia2025 have a common interest in providing and delivering world-class executive education to business leaders from the Republic of Macedonia. This will enhance their competencies and performance and will contribute to the further development of the Macedonian economy and workforce. KSM is part of Northwestern University, whose school of business is ranked third in the United States and second in the US Employer survey.

Macedonia2025 wishes to express gratitude to the Kellogg School of Business and the Robin and Mike Zafirovski Foundation for supporting the Macedonia2025 Executive and Leadership Development program. Will Garrett, Associate Dean for Executive Education, Kellogg School of Management has stated “We admire the mission of Macedonia2025 and are pleased to be part of this exciting new program commencing in early 2017, which will help train future business leaders from Macedonia.”

Stay tuned for more information on this amazing opportunity at the Macedonia2025 Summit!

Miso Markovski, Head of Research, Apps Run the World, USA; MK2025 Summit Speaker: Why Apps Run MK and The World?

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Mr Markovski is Head of Research at Apps Run the World, a leading international technology market-research company devoted to the enterprise-software applications space. Mr Markovski embodies a new breed of technologists and entrepreneurs in Macedonia who understands how software advances are changing the world. He will tell us Why Enterprise Cloud? Why Now? And Why Apps Run MK and The World?

Apps Run the World provides market-research and buyer-insights on enterprise-software apps in the $200-billion-plus apps industry. Apps Run the World’s comprehensive research enables its clients to quickly choose the leading enterprise apps that best suit their needs saving them time, money, and headaches from incompatible apps. Apps Run the World is headquartered in the United States with Centers of Excellence in Kumanovo, Macedonia; New York; and San Francisco.

Presenting one of the MK2025 Summit sessions – Envisioning the future of the world using renewable energies

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05Countries around the world are facing the challenge of decreasing their carbon footprint in the effort of tackling climate change. Most recently, at the G20 Summit, the US and China agreed to ratify the Paris climate change agreement, with the UK likely to follow suit soon. This move is perhaps one of the strongest impulses for governments in developing countries to invest more resources in sustainable development, renewable sources of energy and green innovation in general.

In the past several years’ countries in the SEE region have felt the brunt of heavy rainfall, pollution, deforestation and other serious challenges that intersect to create damaging effects on the environment and on the sustainability of life. Macedonia experienced flash floods two years in a row, whose effects were worsened by rampant deforestation, which in turn is accelerated by the lack alternatives to energy conservation in residential homes.

These serious issues will be discussed at the Macedonia2025 Summit on the panel on Envisioning the Future of the World by the use of Renewable Energies. The panel is going to look at energy security, how countries in the Nordic region are striving towards 100% sustainable energy, developing new business models focused on the smart use of natural resources, as well as new opportunities emerging in a world of shifting expectations regarding the environment, energy and health.

The Renewable Energies panel will feature professionals who have vast experience in the field of green innovation. Some of the confirmed speakers are Karina Barnhold Klepper – Senior Adviser at the Nordic Council of Ministers; Peter Kaznacheev – Director of the Centre for Resource Economies in Moscow; Boris Manev – Manager of Environmental Affairs at Epson Europe; Francesco Oddone, Independent consultant on European Smart City projects, Former Deputy Mayor of the City of Genoa and Chairman of Eurocities’ Economic Development Forum The panel’s Chair is John Bitove, Principal Shareholder at Obelysk Inc. from Canada, who is a successful entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Macedonia2025. This panel will be completed by additional two speakers who have promoted and supervised green innovation and efforts in sustainable development.

Always up to date with Macedonia2025 news via our new Mobile App

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Find out everything about the Summit on the go with our new mobile App for iPhone and Android. The app gives you quick access to the Summit’s agenda, speaker bios, panel topics, schedule, sponsors and more. The app will continue to provide information about upcoming events, news updates and other announcements.

You can download the Macedonia2025 mobile app via Google’s Play store and Apple’s App Store.

The Macedonia2025 Summit mobile app was developed by Web Factory – a Skopje-based development lab that excels in mobile applications with more than 40 apps in their portfolio. You can meet Web Factory’s team at the Macedonia2025 Summit in Skopje, October 20 and 21 or on the web

App preview pictures




Michal Klocek, Head of Business Development Office, Poland & CEE, Hitachi Europe; MK2025 Summit Speaker on smart mobility and electric vehicles

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It is our pleasure to announce Michal Klocek as a speaker at the MK2025 Summit. Mr Klocek is an expert in business development, business strategy, market analysis, ‘smart mobility’, and electric vehicles. He is currently the Head of Business Development for Hitachi in Poland and CEE. Mr Klocek will be speaking on how a city can become a ‘Smart City’ by making its transport system ‘smooth and sustainable’. He will explain, how to optimise transport in a city by coordinating transport services between and within companies using information technology. This will include integrated transport system, car-sharing and introduction of electric vehicles.

Mr Klocek has been working for Hitachi since 2011. He began his current role as Head of Business Development for Poland and CEE in 2016. From 2015 to 2016, Mr Klocek served as Senior Business Development Manager for Europe, where he developed strategy for new and existing products and coordinated marketing. From 2014 to 2015, he served as the Business Development Manager for Smart Mobility in Europe and North America. From 2011 to 2014, he served as a Group Business Development Manager for CEE. During this time he also worked in Tokyo as a Project Manager on smart mobility projects and strategies. This included a pilot project in Hawaii involving electric vehicles.

Prior to Hitachi, Mr Klocek served as a Senior Consultant and Project Manager for PMR Consulting.

Mr Klocek has a MA in Business Management from the National Louis University, a postgraduate degree in Project Management from the Krakow University of Economics, and an MBA from Kozminski University, Warsaw. Mr Klocek has also completed executive level courses at Cambridge University, INSEAD, and Warsaw School of Economics.

Announcing this year’s pre-summit events: Get in the Ring Business Idea Pitching Competition

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Macedonia2025 is organizing the second “Get in the ring” business idea pitching competition in cooperation with the National Centre for Development of Innovation and Entrepreneurial Learning as a part of the initiative The competition will take place on October 19 at 11 AM at the Skopje Fair.  Tehnoinvent is an event part of this year’s Fair Tehnoma and  is dedicated to startups, incubators and young entrepreneurs.

This year there are going to be two levels of competition as part of “Get in the ring” – the first part is dedicated to high school students, while the second part is going to be a challenge between startups that have been germinating for no longer than a year.

In addition to winning the grand prize, the competitors will have a chance to impress each other, the audience and a distinguished jury of business professionals. The teams of this year’s Get in the Ring Competition will face a jury of twelve notable entrepreneurs and business professionals in a variety of fields: Zhivko Mukaetov (Alkaloid, Macedonia), Robert Arsov (Guggenheim Securities, USA), Chris Pavlovski (Rumble, Canada), Mitre Kutanovski (Mitre Group, USA),  Martin Paech (ACN, Holland) , Viktor Meskov (SEAF), Dejan Kalinikov (SEAF), Aleksandar Stamboliev, Petar Spaseski (HATCH, Australia), Goran Zlatevski (Publikum Art, Macedonia),  Izaac Trpeski (ORO Luxury Water, Australia), Dimitar Mitrov (AMC, Macedonia), Michael Mizrahi, (Entrepreneurship and Innovation Development at Azrieli College, and AtoBe Accelerator).

The participants and the audience will have the opportunity to listen to a roster of business professionals who are going to talk about the essence of entrepreneurship and will share with the audience insights from the professional world.

The pitching competition for high school students is sponsored by AMC Computers and Publikum Art and the Premium sponsor for the start-up competition is



Entrepreneurship Sponsors 

Marko Butkovic, Head of the Near Earth Services Section, European Space Operations Centre (ESOC), and MK2025 Summit Speaker

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Mr Butkovic as a keynote speaker at the MK2025 Summit, will present the missions and visions of the European Space Agency. Mr Butkovic is currently the Head of Near Earth Services Section at the European Space Operations Centre (ESOC) and has been working at the European Space Agency (ESA) since 2000.

The ESA has been in the news most recently with the comet-chasing Rosetta mission coming to an end. The Rosetta spacecraft has been in space for 12 years and launched two years after Mr Butkovic began working for the ESA.

Mr Butkovic is an expert on the telecommunications, networks and computers for satellite ground segments. A satellite ground segment is the equipment and facilities (ground stations) needed to control satellites and other ‘near earth’ spacecraft from earth. The European Space Agency operates a network of ground stations for tracking, telemetry and controlling spacecraft.

Mr Butkovic is also an expert in project management, engineering and people management. He is also an IRCA certified ISO27001 Lead Auditor.

Prior to his work for ECOC and ESA, Mr Butkovic worked for major players in the telecommunications market and has extensive international experience.

Mr Butkovic has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Telecommunications and Informatics, and a Master of Science Degree in Telecommunications and Informatics from the University of Zagreb. He also has a MBA Degree from the FOM, Frankfurt.


Zdravko Počivalšek, Slovenian Minister of Economic Development and celebrated entrepreneur as MK2025 Summit speaker

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Mr. Zdravko Počivalšek, the current Minister of Economic Development and Technology for the Republic of Slovenia, will be a keynote speaker at the MK2025 Summit. During his time as minister Mr Počivalšek has championed foreign investment, holding an investment summit in 2014 and initiating a new foreign investment strategy: ‘Programme for Internationalisation of 2015-2020’. Part of Slovenia’s investment strategy is to focus on particular sectors in the economy such as tourism and wood processing. Mr Počivalšek is also successfully overseeing the privatisation of 15 state owned companies, which was initiated in 2013.

Prior to his time as minister, Mr Počivalšek was a celebrated entrepreneur and businessman. He won the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry award in 2004 and was declared Manager of the Year 2010. He is well known for transforming the fortunes of the Atomske toplice spa resort and rebranding it as ‘Terme Olimia’. Prior to managing Term Olimia, he was manager of the Mlekarne Celeia dairy company (1994 to 1999). He began his managerial career at Šmarje pri Jelšah Agricultural Cooperative in 1985, helping to reform the company and left as top manager in 1994.

Mr Počivalšek has a degree in Agricultural Engineering.

Hrvoje Milosevic, Business Development Manager at BDI – BioEnergy International AG, and MK2025 Summit speaker: Energy from waste

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It is our pleasure to announce Hrvoje Milosevic as a speaker at Summit 2016. Mr Milosevic will speak on generating sustainable energy from waste and by-products.

Mr Milosevic is the Business Development Manager at the Austrian company BDI ‑ BioEnergy International AG globally. BDI is an award winning innovator in biofuels technology. They also build customised biofuel-plants that utilise their in‑house developed technology. Current customers and projects include the Austrian brewery Göss (part of the Heineken Group), who is turning spent grain in an anaerobic fermentation plant into a biogas for production of electricity and heat energy. Göss became the first green brewery in the world using energy only from renewable resources. BDI is also building a new biodiesel plant for a Scottish energy firm who produces biodiesel from commercial and industrial waste fats. Processing difficult wastes such as grease trap fats, requires the use of complex esterification technology. For the first time, the new High – FFA esterification unit by BDI, provides the possibility to feed these wastes into a BDI Multi – Feedstock plant as a cheap raw material for further processing into biodiesel fuel.

Mr. Milosevic has been working for BDI since 2010. In his position as Business Development Manager he is responsible for the development and the implementation of the biodiesel and biogas business globally.

Mr Milosevic graduated with a degree in Mining and Mineral Engineering from the University of Zagreb.

Peter Kaznacheev, Director of the Centre for Resource Economics, London, and Managing Partner of Khaznah Strategies, London, and MK2025 Summit speaker

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Peter Kaznacheev, Director of the Centre for Resource Economics, London, and Managing Partner of Khaznah Strategies, London, and MK2025 Summit speaker: Global energy trends and efficient utilization of natural resources

It is our pleasure to announce Peter Kaznacheev, Director of the Centre for Resource Economics, London, and Managing Partner of Khaznah Strategies, London, as a speaker at the MK2025 Summit. Mr Kaznacheev is an expert in the resource industry, business development, and emerging markets. He has consulted to various national investment agencies and the World Bank, and has worked as an analyst for BP and the Russian Duma. Mr Kaznacheev will be speaking on global energy trends and the efficient utilization of natural resources.

Mr Kaznacheev is currently Director of the Centre for Resource Economics, London, a think-tank that is affiliated with the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA).

Mr Kaznacheev has been Managing Partner and Lead Consultant with Khaznah Strategies in London since 2009. Khaznah consults on the resource and mining industries and works with a number of government agencies from around the world and the World Bank.

From 2005 until 2009, Mr Kaznacheev was Project Manager and Business Development Advisor for BP Group in London, led the evaluation of 11 major exploration and acquisition opportunities in Russia and Central Asia, Africa, East Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.

From 2002 to 2005, Mr Kaznacheev was the Lead Advisor to the Chief Economic Aide to the Russia’s President and Russia’s Representative in G8.

In 2002, Mr Kaznacheev worked as a consultant for the World Bank Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (WIGA).

From 1999 to 2000, Mr Kaznacheev worked in the Russian Duma as a Foreign Policy Advisor to the “European Club” Parliamentary Group.

Mr Kaznacheev has a PhD in Political Philosophy from Moscow State University and MA in International Economics from Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies in Washington, D.C.