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Youth Diaspora Voices: Kristina Nedelkova, IFC and World Bank Group Young Professional with Remarkable Academic Achievements

Our new online campaign ‘Youth Diaspora Voices’ promotes successful youth Diaspora worldwide and gives them an opportunity to strengthen linkages with their homeland Heritage My name is Kristina Nedelkova, I am 23 years old and currently live in New York City, where I am pursuing a Masters in International Finance and Economic Policy at Columbia…

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Maja Stavreva Stojanova: The Executive Experience at Northwestern Kellogg is Everything that Education Should Be

The Executive education experience at Northwestern Kellogg is exceptional by any means, standards or measurements. It enriches you, grows you, shapes you – it is everything that education should be. At the beginning, the very setting and surrounding where the program takes place, is extraordinary. For many of us coming from Macedonia this type of…

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Bogdan Damjanovic: The Bitove Family Entrepreneurship Program Assists the Development of Managerial and Entrepreneurial Capacities of Business Leaders

We had the opportunity to talk with Bogdan Damjanovic, CESO SACO Volunteer Advisor and speak about his experience at Rudnici Banjani AD Skopje, as part of the Bitove Family Entrepreneurship Program  What is your overall impression from the Bitove Family Entrepreneurship Program?  My overall impression is that the program run very well and is well-integrated…

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